About Us

About Us Philosophy

K.I.S.Solutions U.K. Ltd is about a simple unified point of view – that time is precious and time costs money. Everyone wants time to do other things, not chase around, that’s where K.I.S.Solutions U.K. Ltd can help, we will save you that time, money and effort by bringing Known and Trusted products to you. We have a passionate commitment to making life simple. We want you to feel that you can look at our products and make well-informed choices through the information we will provide you. You will find leading brands on this site, we like to think we have brought lots more choice to you now and we are delighted that we can take the ‘fuss’ and ‘hassle’ out of life and keep it simple for you and us. It’s Time to save Time and Money.
You stay at home, let us bring to you.

Who we are

Robert and Amanda Maiden, and our children James and Lydia.

We believe there is a growing awareness and consciousness about how complicated some aspects of life are when they need not be. The time was right for us to help, support and come up with a simple solution, in this case making paint that you know and trust more visible and accessible to buy.

As expert shoppers our experience had already taught us it was hard to find what we wanted, without travelling far and paying a high price when we found it!

We believe that the joy and learning in life is through connections we make – with each other, customers, our suppliers, and ourselves so we can make things happen.

We only work with known and trusted companies who are willing to help in informing you on how to get the very best from their products, so we can ensure that we have clear information to base our choice. This way we can provide you with information you need.

We will be active in sourcing and researching products that you ask for and to bring them to you at great prices. We are committed to being active.

We wanted to be true to ourselves and true to what we know, think, feel and believe… we love the idea of helping others, and people’s aspirations being realised in the making of a home, in building relationships that will help keep the simple things in our lives, simple!

Rob Maiden